Industry Innovations Corporation

Technology for the Food and Retail Industry (grocery focus)


About Us


FRZ is a technology platform that offers solutions for consumers and companies within the food and retail industry (grocery focus)


FRZTV is a channel on YouTube and Instagram TV (IGTV) that provides grocery product news, information and entertainment

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Meet the Team


Martin Victorin (CEO)

Martin brings 15 years of technology solutions experience with the majority of those years at IBM Corporation.  In addition to being the CEO of Industry Innovations Corporation, he's also the producer and director of the FRZTV channel on YouTube and Instagram TV (IGTV).


Nour Milla (FRZTV Host)

Nour graduated from Javeriana University in Colombia with a double major in journalism and public relations. She is best known as a co-host on Azteca América for the sports show "Tiempo Extra" where she covered the Los Angeles Chargers NFL football team and also hosted the second season of the food show "Infusion" for LATV.  She is now the host of the FRZTV channel on YouTube and Instagram TV (IGTV).

Contact Us

For questions on the FRZ technology platform or the FRZTV channel, please send an email to:


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